The Tax Benefits are just another plus. For more info please call us at 1-800-RENTS-RV or 303-806-0132.

What’s in Your Driveway? ***Rent or For Sale***

We have 20+ years experience renting privately owned motor homes

We have served over 15,000 customers and 1000 owners.

What we need

Model years 2000-2017 Class A, B & C are eligible. Non smoking, average to low miles, 18ft and larger. Call to see if your motorhome qualifies or just fill in our easy Submit form down below.

Let’s talk numbers

Revenue generated through our leasing program is split 50/50 along with 50% of mileage charges. Another option we offer is the per daily rate guarantee. These options can be discussed further when you call. When you call we will go over the different options that will be exciting for you and your family.

Tax benefits

The tax benefits are just another plus, writing off insurance, plates etc.. And not to mention the 100% write off through depreciation which could possibly save tax dollars on your personal taxes. Call soon with questions!

Motor home not ready?

Sometimes we all need a little help. We will offer financial aid to ready your RV for plates, repairs, tires etc.. This will be a revenue advance which will reflect on your lease revenue profile.

Rent and/or Sell option

Get the best of both worlds! While receiving revenue through our lease program, you can also have your RV for sale. We will help price it and find potential buyers through our web ads (with pictures) and our many walk ins at our great location.

Please contact our sales rep at Thank you

About us

We have moved to a new location with a barb wired fenced yard with security cameras and security guard (24hrs). Anyone can lease a car. Anyone cannot lease a motor home from Ride The West. Not only is there an application to be approved but their insurance company must provide us a binder to cover their use. Your insurance plays no part. Customers that pay $1000.00 plus per week are people of substance that demand our services. So you can now sit back and let us do all the insurance and booking work through our online web site and/or constant advertising and years of experience that will assure a profitable business.

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