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Rental Rates – Per Week (7 nights) Office Hours: Mon-Sat 9-5, Sun-By Appointment Only

  RV Size Winter 11/15 – 3/14 Spring 3/15 5/31 Fall 9/16 – 11/14 Summer 6/1 – 9/15
Class C 19-24 Ft $910.00 $1155.00 $1155.00 $1400 – $1750
Class C 25-27 Ft $980.00 $1295.00 $1295.00 $1575 – $1750
Class C 28-31 Ft $1155.00 $1,295.00 $1,295.00 $1750 – $1925
Class A 30-42 Ft $1,750.00 $2,100.00 $1750 – $3150 $2100 – $3500
Super C 34 Ft $225 Per Day $250 Per Day $250 Per Day $275 Per Day

**Prices Subject to change without notice**                                                                  **Please note: Add $25 per day for Rentals less than one week




Please call us at 303-806-0132 or 1-800-RENTS-RV

See what the Special is for the week!


3 Day minimum for Non Diesels, 5 Day minimum for Diesels and 4 Day minimum for July 4th.  Rentals more than one week will be prorated at 1/7 of weekly rate. Rentals less than one week add $25 per day.  Check with our RV Representative about our different floor plans.







All motorhomes recieve 100 free miles per day.
Excess miles are $0.28 cents per miles up to 3,000 miles.
Mileage over 3,000 is $0.32 per mile.


Reservation Deposit

A $250 Reservation Deposit is required. Rental of Diesel units are $250 per week reservation deposit.   Visa/MC/DISC/AMEX, Cash, Certified Funds accepted. Balance is DUE upon departure.  A personal check will only be accepted if recieved 20 days prior to departure.

A 7.75 % tax is paid by everyone.



Your personal auto insurance company can fax a binder, extending your auto coverage to the motor home. Your deductible will be secured by credit card or personal check which will be verified. In the event your insurance company does not extend coverage Commercial insurance is available thru MBA Choice Insurance ( with a $1000.00 deductible.   Renter will have to acquire road side assistance if requesting commercial insurance for rental unit.



Road Side Assistance Available

A one tme charge of $75.00. If you are using your Road Side make sure it covers the RV Rental. **This Is Important: The cost will be yours for towing etc.

Convienence Kits

Bedding, Bath, Kitchen.  A one time charge of $50.00 per person.

Bike Racks

$50.00 A one time charge if available.


Towing is allowed on some units. A fee of $125.00 is assessed. Call to see if there are any units are available.

NOTE: There are hitch locks on all units.


Most units are equipped with a 110v genset which runs off your main gas tank. Generators are not required to operate motorhome. Generators are only used for microwave, roof air and some TV’s. These can be ran sparingly during traveling time but need to be checked periodically for oil usage and overheating. We do not reccommend using generators extensively because they will shut down when they get too hot and will then need to be maintained by a authorized tech. There is a $5.00 per day charge. If generators are returned over heated and/or low on oil or any other negligence renter will be held responsible for all costs. Always try to find hookups for the evening hours and keep in mind they use 1/3 of a gallon per hour. Note: Generators cannot be ran on dirt roads or dirt parking areas this will dust the generator and will need to be replaced. We do check!


A lot of campers will UPS some of their special camping equipment. These boxes will be placed in your unit so you don’t have to lug them thru the airport.

Camping & Sightseeing Info

We have brochures and magazines on fun stuff to do in Colorado. We also have a national KOA campground guide with a 10% discount card located in our main office. See you soon!

Pets and Smoking are not allowed in our rental units.